3501 Skylane Dr, Sand Springs, OK 74063

2’s & Early Preschool

2’s & Young 3 ‘s: Green Room  (24 months – 36 months)

The Green Room provides Early LearningActivities and daily developmental games. Children begin learning their letters, shapes, and colors in the Early Learning class. We practice social skills and build friendships. Children love to run and explore in our big pecan tree shaded Play Yard. In addition the Green Room focuses on Potty Training so children can graduate to the Preschool Class.

These are a few of the Milestones we work on with your child.

Uses words to express wants
Speaks in two or four word sentences
Uses pronouns “me” and “my”
Names 10-15 objects
Removes simple clothes / garment
Understands with simple commands
Shows pride in toilet achievement
Can  Use your Words” with other kids.
Cooperative Play with others
Uses a cup & spoon unassisted
Kicks / Throws ball forward
Completes simple puzzles.
Stacks blocks
Toilet Trained


Potty Training: Each child progresses differently, teachers work together with the family, to help your child succeed. PottyTraining takes time and patience. Consistent Potty Training everywhere the child goes will provide positive results. Your child is consider“potty trained” when they can go three consecutive weeks with zero or one accident. Naptime accidents are not considered.

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