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It’s never too early to get a head start on learning, at Kids Castle Preschool & Daycare our focus is on your little ones. We want to make a difference in the lives of early learners. We know that children are bound to be curious and creative, and we want to fasciliate an environment where they can thrive! Kids Castle Preschool and Daycare is the number one choice for your little ones!

Our Pre-School. Our Family. Our Community

You and your children are going to love Kids Castle. And we make sure to communicate with parents with complete transparency. Our facilities are custom designed so that your kids feel comfortable and safe. This helps us to navigate through the classrooms as well as teach them lessons along the way. Each class is specially tailored to the age and learning level your child is at. Our professional staff have been in the early education industry for decades. If you are looking for expert child care, a place for learning and preparation, and a place for fun, look no further than Kids Castle Preschool and Daycare!

Kids Castle Preschool
Sand Springs Daycare

Kids Castle Preschool & Daycare

We provide a safe and enriching environment for your children to grow and learn. Serving the Sand Springs and Tulsa area we make sure your child has the freedom and structure to thrive the best way they can. From the time they are infants until they are well into school, we provide the necessary resources for children to learn, play and thrive.

What We Do


Experience nurturing care in a warm, secure environment. Loving teachers care for your child and guide them toward developmental milestones.

2's - Preschool

Two and three are wonderful and energetic years in your child’s life. We focus that energy into independence and self assurance.


Preschool is one of the biggest steps in your little one’s life. The preparation here will help them in Kindergarten next year.

School Age Program

Whether you need after school care or a good summer program for your school aged kiddo, we’ve got you covered.

Enrollment Packets

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We understand that you want to know who your children will be with and the facilities they will in; so give us a call to schedule a tour our facilities.

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We post updates, events, and even have a secure page only for parents. Connect with us so we can share your little one’s special moments.

Special Events

Want to know what’s going on at Kids Castle today? Don’t worry, we’ve got a calendar set up for you, and you can print it and hang it up!

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