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At Kids Castle Preschool and Daycare we offer several different childcare programs for your kiddo’s based on age and experience. By keeping track of each milestone as they achieve them we make sure that they are prepared for each new step in life! Starting at just 12 months old, we keep track of where they are and where they should be so that we can help to get them there. Our Sand Springs childcare programs are full of excitement and wonderment for toddlers as they begin to explore and sharpen their motor skills. Our preschool programs prepare your child for Kindergarten and their next steps in life! Read all about our programs here!

Infants – Toddlers
(12-24 Months)

Sand Springs childcare

Grow! Learn! Discover!  Toddlers on the Move!

Toddlers are always on the move, excited and exploring the world around them!  Toddlers are curiously investigating every nook and cranny of their world. We discover our reflection in the mirror and catch sunbeams on the floor. The classroom provides a fun, safe play environment for personal discovery and adventure. Toddlers have a daily routine that involves many fun activities.  Teachers read favorite stories and an array of silly and  fun songs help your toddler’s imagination continue to grow. Teachers encourage language development through conversation, story time, and lots of music and singing.

Young Toddler Milestones Are:

  • Cooperates Playing Pat-a-cake
  • Walks holding onto furniture
  • Stands alone for one minute
  • Looks at pictures in a baby picture book
  • Uses pincher grasp, like picking up raisins
  • Drinks from a cup
  • Walks alone, toddling
  • Finds hidden objects
  • Initiates words

Older Toddlers 18 months – 24 months: When your Toddler has accomplished the Young Toddler Milestones. We encourage your child on the following milestones:

  • Can Say 10-30 words
  • Exploratory play by self
  • Moves to music
  • Stacks blocks, four high
  • Says own name
  • Uses a spoon to eat
  • Walks up steps

2’s & Early Preschool

Kids Castle provides Early Learning Activities and daily developmental games. Children begin learning their letters, shapes, and colors in the Early Learning class. We practice social skills and build friendships. Children love to run and explore in our big pecan tree shaded Play Yard. In addition our Sand Springs childcare programs focus on Potty Training so children can graduate to the Preschool Class.

These are a few of the milestoneswe work on with your child:

  • Uses words to express wants
  • Speaks in two or four word sentences
  • Uses pronouns “me” and “my”
  • Names 10-15 objects
  • Removes simple clothes / garment
  • Understands with simple commands
  • Shows pride in toilet achievement
  • Can  Use your Words” with other kids.
  • Cooperative Play with others
  • Uses a cup & spoon unassisted
  • Kicks / Throws ball forward
  • Completes simple puzzles.
  • Stacks blocks
  • Toilet Trained

Potty Training: Each child progresses differently, teachers work together with the family, to help your child succeed. PottyTraining takes time and patience. Consistent Potty Training everywhere the child goes will provide positive results. Your child is consider“potty trained” when they can go three consecutive weeks with zero or one accident. Nap time accidents are not considered.


Preschool (Ages 3-4)

Our class is an exciting place to be!

Our 3 & 4 Year old Preschool Program introduces language, math, science, &social skills while learning about our Monthly Themes through fun activities. Our 3 & 4 Year old Preschoolers polish their self-help & independence skills throughout the year helping them prepare for Kindergarten.

We improve children’s learning through challenging play centers, such as: Writing Center, Art Center, Sensory Tables, Math Lab and Science.  We learn new ideas in small group games and self-directed activity tables.

Preschoolers learn about their world by actively learning with science activities like measuring, cooking,& tasting activities. Preschool children nurture their natural curiosity by exploring new activities, art materials and games that complement our learning themes.

We finish up the afternoon with a group review of the days exciting adventures.

School Age Program

We offer transportation to and pick up from several Elementary schools in the Prattville & Sand Springs Area. We transport to Pratt Elementary, Limestone Elementary, Angus Valley Elementary and the Sand Springs Early Childhood Center (ECEC).

Before & After Care: Available beginning at 6:30 AM, is for those children whose parents need to drop them off early in the morning before school begins.  After Care: Is a great solution busy working families. We provide school-age children with the opportunity to socialize in a relaxed setting and find new interests, mixing independent and organized activities. We also provide a structured, supportive environment for kids to complete homework assignments.

Play Yard #3 is designed just for school age kids with our GIANT JUNGLE GYM, large grassy spaces for a soccer or football game, water day activities or a picnic. Our natural play yard is shaded by giant pecan trees, with places to watch the bird feeders or just hang out.

Our activities are designed to be fun and stimulating; in a safe, secure, and interesting environment. We extend activities beyond the classroom with field trips to past favorite places and new haunts. Our Sand Springs childcare programs are perfect for children of all ages. 

Day Camp: Out-Of-School Time:

Summer Camp:  June, July & August are 12 weeks of fun in the sun. We celebrate the long summer days with a variety of field trips, challenging activities, and old friends and new.

Fall Break, Winter Break, & Spring Break join us for our “Mini-Camps”.  1 to 2 weeks of great activities for school-age kids during those School Breaks.

Our School & Holiday break programs keeps yourchild interested andentertained with dozens of projects and activities. Fun themes engage your child in fun learning when school is not in session. Your child will participate in local field trips, cooking activities, science experiments, music,art, drama, dance competitions, sports, and De-Construction Zone.

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